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What he is ostensibly selling...Edit

  1. Knock off high fashion sunglasses
  2. Bootleg Korean albums and videos
  3. Cheap jewelry and watches
  4. Generic pharmaceuticals
  5. Fake iPhones
  6. Exotic martial arts weapons
  7. Manga back issues
  8. Baby Clothing
  9. Homemade Kim Chee
  10. Prepaid cellphones
  11. T-shirts with topical slogans
  12. eCiggerettes

What he is actually selling...Edit

  1. Just what is on the table.
  2. Illegal Traditional Chinese Medicine ingredients
  3. Exotic Animals
  4. Fireworks
  5. Ciggerettes
  6. Drugs, probably mephedrone
  7. Cheap, unreliable firearms
  8. Stolen police weaponry

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