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The North Pacific Trade Nation is an independent city state and free trade zone in international waters off the Aleutian Islands. The city's name is commonly pronounced "Neptune." The city was founded as a free trade zone, originally with mostly Russian and Canadian investment. Since the Korean Unification War, NPTN has hosted the S. Korean government in exile.


  • 2025 - Founding of NPTN
  • 2035 - Rapid invasion and defeat of American and S. Korean troops by N. Korean forces. Korea unified under Kim dynasty. Massive influx of S. Korean refugees and capital in NPTN.


The city is built on a platform with a dense urban topside. In addition, there are subterranean levels and zones beneath the city and the surface. It is rumored topside that at the deepest levels, the city and the police have no control and zones are ruled by gangs, warlords and cultists. Outside the city is a rapidly growing mass of tethered boats, platforms and debris gyres referred to as "the 'burbs."


Each level of NPTN is built on a 1 sq. mile grid, divided into 10 streets running North-South and 10 avenues running East-West. Use the Dense Cyberpunk Block tables to populate as needed.


500,000 people

The city was origianally settled by Russians and Canadians, with a smattering of asian immigrants. The Korean Unification War led to a rapid influx of Korean immigrants, who are now the dominant ethnic group in NPTN. While there is an American expat community, the American presence in NPTN is minimal.

NPTN NPC Name Generator


What is the peddler selling?

Law & OrderEdit

The Laws of NPTN are enforced by the NPTN Republican Mounties.






  • KCIA, S. Korean Government in Exile's Central Intelligence Agency
  • MSS, China's Ministry of State Security
  • Naicho, Japan's intelligence agency
  • SSD, Unified Korean State Security Department
  • SVR, Russia's Foreign Intelligence Service


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