Cyberlimbs replace a damaged or missing arm or leg. Arms may be amputated at wrist, elbow or shoulder. Ankle, knee and hip for legs. It is illegal to amputate healthy limbs for the purpose of replacing them with cybernetic models; only the shadiest of doctors will assist with such operations. Cyberlimbs have a base cost of $30,000 and cost $5,000 more per feature. How many options a cyberlimb can support is based on the amputation site. Bonuses from cybernetic options do not stack.

NS Arm


Maximum Options Edit

  • Wrist/Ankle - 2 Options
  • Elbow/Knee - 3 Options
  • Shoulder/Hip - 4 Options

Cyberlimb OptionsEdit

  • Embedded Weapon Weapon is attached to cyberlimb. Costs an extra option to make weapon retractable or concealable.
    • Blade Attacks as per knife
    • Handgun Attacks as per 9mm (Costs 2 Options)
    • SMG Attacks as per MP5 (Costs 3 Options)
  • Fast +1 to DEX for Limb Relevent checks (Quickdraw for arm, running for leg)
  • Spikes +D3 to unarmed damage rolls
  • Strong +1 to STR for Limb Relevent checks (Lifting a heavy object for arm, kicking a door for leg)

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